Online scheduling is a significant branch of patient management software, but it is also traditionally one of the more difficult processes to effectively computerize. Orange Management Solutions has one of the best (if not the best) scheduling packages in the medical software systems business. Our automated medical office software features a scheduling system that has been refined over two decades. Staff efficency and staff productivity are greatly increased by these enhancements and refinements.

   Using our practice management software's online scheduling system, appointments for patient visits, surgery, technical staff and office tests can be easily and efficiently performed at any terminal in or outside the office. Our user customized parameters allow you to predetermine the number, type and timing of visits for each provider or piece of equipment. The scheduling template for each physician, tech, or device can be varied by hour, day, week, month or year. Our HIPAA compliant software gives you the opportunity to schedule appointments or use automated recall for an unlimited time into the future. This online scheduling software was designed to, and gives you, these benefits which result in improved resource utilization.

   Our medical information system generates pull lists for the day prior to the visit, to assist personnel in looking up any referral letters or other paper records. For fast and efficient paperflow, you have the ability to print an encounter sheet as each patient checks in, or to print all encounter forms for a schedule. To provide increased cash flow, account balances display on the form so that front desk personnel can request payment of past due balances.

   If you need help organizing your non-patient activities, our automated medical office will assist you in maintaining executive tasks not related to patient care, that is, attending conferences, lectures, manuscript or speech preparation, et cetera. Administrative schedules are maintained by date, event type, and employee, to assist in overall scheduling.


  • Instantaneous lists of appointments for a patient, provider, or equipment.
  • Tracking of visit lengths.
  • Tracking no-show information, for which you are legally responsible.
  • Making an appointment is as easy as entering the specifications from the patient (time of day, day of week, etc) in the order they request, or entering the patient as you would in an appointment book.
  • Assists you in personnel planning by providing statistics about the busiest times of appointment scheduling.
  • Printed recall and appointment cards save a patient's time at the desk, and always show the correct appointment information.
  • Scheduling a patient for multiple providers and multiple activities is just as easy as making a single appointment.

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