One of the primary reasons for medical software systems was to use automated medical billing, which greatly increased staff productivity and staff efficiency. It is difficult to remember just how tedious the task of patient billing by hand was. Our medical billing software has grown from the basics to providing the information you need to regulate the financial health of your practice.

   We supply you with the physician's office management software required to closely monitor the volume of patients, and income attributed to each payer and category of payer and to each referring physician. Using our user customized parameters, allows you to identify and track the diagnoses and procedures that provide your top sources of income or loss. You may be surprised to know that the majority of your income will be generated by fewer than ten procedures. Orange Management Solutions gives you the ability to identify patient populations by zip code, age, diagnosis, procedures and many other criteria.

   Our medical claims processing includes HIPAA compliance, in charge and payment posting, as well as adhering to HCFA requirements for insurance claims on paper, and electronically.

   The practice management software we provide you will show an increased cash flow when you use our electronic claims programs. Both electronic submission and electronic remittance assist your staff in the goal of spending less time on administrative tasks, and more time with the patients. As managed care and HMO's increase their influence, insurance coverage becomes more complicated and your clients will require an extended level of explanation. Our automated medical billing will enable you to provide this service, without placing undue burdens on your staff.


  • Power to the front desk! With information automatically displayed, the receptionist can collect required copays, verify patient demographics, track the flow of the patient through the office, and keep the patient informed of outstanding balances and current charges.
  • Billing Flexibility. Accommodates a variety of billing and reimbursement scenarios in an easy, user-friendly manner.
  • Provides management with the tools needed, in the form of detailed and summary reports, to efficiently and profitably run the practice.
  • Service Group Information allows you to designate a number of services routinely performed together, so that posting charges is simplified.
  • The patient's global fee period is displayed throughout the system, where applicable.


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