Peel off the blindfold ...... Orange Management Solutions gives you all the information you need to see clearly.

   All the practice management software modules described store information in a manner that allows for user customized parameters leading to expeditious generation of a multitude of reports. Cost accounting, relative value units, profit centers, insurance analysis and other terms are relatively new, but have become essential to the practice of medicine. Managed care contracting and especially capitation require the management tools inherent in Orange Management Solutions.


  • Evaluate your fee schedules (Fee Information, Electronically Remitted Explanation of Benefits [EOB's])
  • Identify areas in need of change (Insurance Analysis reports, Analysis of Services)
  • Track resource utilization (Monthly Schedules, Visit Length)
  • Analyze trends (Patient Reports by Zip, Referring Doctor, etc)
  • ...and much more

   We are a knowledge-based society. Your medical management software must give you information in several formats to be useful: patient-specific, aggregate, and comparative.

   Our practice management system is HIPAA compliant, an automated daily backup, on-line help, and the other necessities to keep you current in this information age.

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